TP7-8 (115-128)

Interview on Lucien Goldmann, pp. 115-128

Guido Grassadonio and Mark Zimmerman


GG: In today’s Academic landscape it’s not easy to find researchers who work on Lucien Goldmann’s thought or apply a goldmannian approach to their studies. This is especially true in the Anglophone world. I think that we can start our interview by asking you how you encountered Goldmann’s work and what did it mean to your studies? How did it influence them?

MZ: In 1970, as a student of world theater and a fledgling Marxist literary critic in the Comparative Literature Ph.D. program at the University of California at San Diego, I read Lucien Goldmann’s Le dieu caché and became fascinated with what I considered the richest interpretation of a body of philosophical and literary work I had ever read. […]