Open Access Policy

Thomas Project’s articles, essays, and works are under Creative Commons license:

Creative Commons (CC) provides free and easy-to-use copyright licenses giving the public the right to share, use, and even build upon an author’s creative work. The non-profit organization CC also protects the people who use an author’s work, so they don’t have to worry about copyright infringement as long as they abide by the specified conditions. Licensing OA articles under a Creative Commons license has evolved as the standard for OA publishing. One of the most liberal CC licenses for publishing scientific articles is the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, as it allows the public to adapt and share an author’s work, even for commercial use, as long as the author is properly cited. Several other licenses exist and you should check with the publisher what license the paper is published under; some publishers give you a choice when you are publishing in a hybrid title.

All papers can be free reproduced, only by mentioning the source and using preferably the following formula:

“Published on “Thomas Project”, n° x/xxxx, Title, ed. by xxx xxxx, pp. xx-xx, license Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0″


Thomas Project follows Gold open access requirements:

Gold OA makes the final version of an article freely and permanently accessible for everyone, immediately after publication. Copyright for the article is retained by the authors and most of the permission barriers are removed. Gold OA articles can be published either in fully OA journals (where all the content is published OA) or hybrid journals (a subscription-based journal that offers an OA option which authors can chose if they wish). An overview of fully OA journals can be found in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

TIP: just because a journal offers free access to content this does not mean is it Open Access. As described above Gold OA also allows the re-use of the work as long as the authors are acknowledged and cited as they retain the copyright. Simply allowing everyone with an internet connection to read the content does not constitute gold OA.